Boeker Marketing

All you want to do is sell your products (or services) and not bother with all that advertising, texting, visibility … but somehow, you can‘t quite manage without it?

You don‘t have to do everything on your own!

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, I can help you to define the unique selling proposition of your company -- AND to bring it across to your customers in such a way that your turnover will grow!


  • 23 years of experience in high-end consumer marketing
  • combined with a life-long passion for books,
  • plus a never ending curiosity about anything international ...

--- all of this boils down to an expertise you can book.

Here are two examples, to give you an idea about possible projects.

1 - Pelikan Hubs
2 - France: Business Development for GARPA

1 - Pelikan Hubs

The task wasn't easy: Reach the global fans of Pelikan fountain pens with a tiny budget.

As I'm passionate about the combination of offline and online interaction, I came up with an unusual concept:

"Let's invite consumers all over the world to meet fellow enthusiasts in the next biggest city at one especially chosen date per year. Completely voluntary. No other program planned but to meet fellow enthusiasts and share the hobby."

At first, people were skeptical. Luxury products are usually presented with a bigger bang, in red carpet venues with glittering diamonds. But I wanted to reach everyone.

In 2014, we kicked it off ... and roughly 1,000 people reacted. During the evening, we created a social wall, and so the fans of Pelikan were able to meet and connect with #pelikanhubs - globally.

In 2019, 5,000 people joined in the Pelikan Hubs. That makes me proud. But the best aspect of it all? I've been the spark that ignited friendships all over the world. It doesn't get any better.

Link to the Pelikan Hubs Page

2 - Business Development France

Garrpa is a German manufacturer of luxurious garden and park furniture. They are currently looking for a new show room (or show garden) in France. I am scouting locations and looking for partners who fit to the brand and who have the same values: Best quality, amazing service, willingness to go the extra mile to make a customer happy. It's super interesting and quite challenging (and I very much enjoy speaking French again).


So, no matter if you need

  • a text that knocks your socks off
  • a partner who comes up with unusual concepts
  • or someone to explore a new crazy idea ...

... you've found the right person!

I'm flexible and can work remote or abroad for specified periods of time.

Call me or send a message!
I can't wait to talk to you.

Phone +49 - 160 - 966 899 96

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Here's what international colleagues and clients say about me:

Pelikan Japan K.K.

"Beate Boeker joined Pelikan in 2008 as Global Marketing Manager for Pelikan Fine Writing Instruments. Her greatest achievement was to increase the brand awareness of Pelikan and to make the brand image of Pelikan more prestigious. She had brilliant ideas & introduced an auction system for maki-e fountain pens, attractive Special Editions, fashionable gift boxes and more.  Her innovative ideas have particularly attracted a great number of new female Pelikan users.

Beate Boeker also assured a dependable communication bridge between global sales companies & our German factory on many technical matters.  It helped us a lot, and I would like to thank her again for what she has contributed to Pelikan."

Azuma Ikeda, Managing Director Pelikan Japan K.K.

Garpa Garden and Park Furniture GmbH

"We'd like to thank Beate Boeker for her wonderfully creative, absolutely reliable, very uncomplicated and highly professional support when it comes to our marketing activities in France. Thanks to her excellent language skills and her helpful and pragmatic way of working, Beate always manages to solve complex issues, also in an international context, in a quick and flexible way. We very much value our trusting cooperation."

Maren Koehler, CEO

About me

Beate Boeker Marketing Beratung

competence & experience


I studied international business management with languages in Duesseldorf, Germany, and Edinburgh, Scotland. During those first years, I also worked as a trainee in France, the US, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.


I‘ve worked in marketing for over twenty years in several companies from different sectors and in different sizes … from really small (less than fifteen people) to an international conglomerate, moving from the West of Germany to the North and the East. I worked as a product manager, in international brand communication, in online marketing, and was finally responsible for a marketing team of ten people in France and Germany.


  • luxury consumer products, leather accessories, screen printing – at Bethge Hamburg
  • garden furniture, umbrellas, garden accessories – at Garpa
  • stationery goods, high value writing instruments – at Pelikan
  • organic food – at BIO PLANÈTE
  • author – published author in the US and in Germany (happybooks.de)


  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian


I live in Meissen, Saxony, but I‘m completely independent and love to work internationally – be it remote or (for special projects) in other cities around the globe.


I have a great respect for entrepreneurs who follow their dream with courage and incredible personal dedication. As nobody can be an expert in every field, and as there‘s never enough time for all the tasks one should do, entrepreneurs have to decide which task to tackle by themselves and which they should give away.
This is exactly where I come in as your marketing consultant: I want to help companies to become more visible – in a way that‘s clearly defined and shows quick results.

My work doesn‘t stop once the concept is done. Instead, I will stay at your side and help until the task is finished. It‘s marketing for people.

What I hate

bombastic words, braggadocio, Labskaus (that‘s a dish from the North of Germany with beetroot and herring)

What I love

Moving projects forward, exploring new horizons, honesty, hot chocolate lava cake

Where to find me

I‘m a member of the BVMW (the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses), the Wirtschaftsfrauen Sachsen (business women Saxony). I’m a certified consultant with the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control), so I can offer consulting that’s subsidized by the state. This is particularly interesting for small German companies. On top of that, I teach marketing at the chamber of commerce (adult training).

You can book me for trainings (marketing / story telling / …) or readings. Just call and fix a date!